Bin Maintenence

It’s no surprise for Pest activity to be found in bin areas and that’s exactly what we have been dealing with today. Sometimes it can be flies, other occasions it is Rodents and sometimes it is both at the same time. There are a few simple steps that can be taken to prevent the problem…

vazor ice spray

Vazor Ice Spray

We are committed to the most effective and ecologically sound solutions for our clients pest problems. Recent low level infestation was detected with one client following a delivery that included some free but unwanted “gifts”! We trialed the Vazor Ice spray to great effect and have adopted it into our kit full time. Its a…

bed bug

BPCA Registered Scheme

A Pest Controller never stops learning. Our industry is constantly evolving with new pests being discovered in the UK, evolving treatment options and equally pest resistance to them. We are proud to be full members of the BPCA and use their BPCA Registered scheme to certify the training we receive on an annual basis. Courses…

electronic fly killers

Electronic Fly Killers

As Spring approaches, our thoughts turn to EFKs. Electronic Fly Killers are vital in commercial kitchen environments and one of our key clients has just upgraded all 8 of their units to a firm favourite of ours. The Chameleon 1×2 is ultra-slim and very importantly uses a glueboard to trap and hold insects once attracted…

pest control box

What A Start To 2019

What a start to 2019! Five more prestigious office buildings are now all set up and will be monitored monthly on our X12 program. We use the most ecological solutions for our monitoring points with Detex non-toxic rodent bait in AF monitor boxes. They come in a variety of colours but we use black as…

Happy New Year

Happy New Year. A great start to the new year with an exciting new client set up over the Christmas period. Situated on the banks of the Thames, we indulged ourselves with a few minutes on the rooftop terrace not only checking for Bird activity but enjoying the incredible view.